๐Ÿ“ˆToken matrics

1. Token Details:

i. Token Name: Hommies Token (HOM)

ii. Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 HOM

iii. Token Type: ERC-20 (Ethereum blockchain)

2. Token Allocation:

The distribution of Hommies Token across various categories is as follows:

i. Seed Sale: 5%

ii. Private sale: 10%

iii. Public Sale: 20%

iv. Development and Team: 10%

v. Marketing and Partnerships: 10%

vi. Advisor: 3%

vii. Exchange: 12%

viii. Hommies Reserve: 10%

xi. Liquidity Pool: 20%

i. Seed Sale Details:

During the seed sale phase, early contributors can purchase Hommies Token under the following terms:

  • Minimum Purchase: Contributors can acquire a minimum of 5000 USDT worth of HOM.

  • Maximum Purchase: The maximum limit is set at 15000 USDT per wallet.

  • Initial Price: 1 HOM = 0.002 USD.

  • Lock-up Period: Initially, 25% of the purchased tokens will be released on the launch day. The remaining tokens will be unlocked in monthly increments over a 6-month period, based on trading volume.

ii. Private Sale Details:

The private sale phase is tailored for selected participants contributing to the project:

  • Minimum Purchase: Participants can buy a minimum of 1000 USDT worth of HOM.

  • Maximum Purchase: The maximum cap is 5000 USDT per wallet.

  • Initial Price: 1 HOM = 0.0028 USD.

  • Lock-up Period: Similarly, 25% of the acquired tokens will be released upon launch, with the rest gradually unlocked over a 6-month period based on trading volume.

iii. Public Sale Details:

The public sale phase welcomes the broader public to participate:

  • Initial Price: 1 HOM = 0.0035 USD.

  • Lock-up Period: There is no lock-up period for tokens acquired during the public sale.

3. Token Holding Rewards:

HOM holders will be eligible to receive rewards based on their HOM holdings and the duration of holding. These rewards will be distributed periodically.

4. Development and Team Allocation:

Tokens allocated for development and the team will vest over a 2-year period, incentivizing long-term commitment and project success.

5. Marketing and Partnerships:

Tokens designated for marketing campaigns, partnerships, and exchange listings will foster broader HOM adoption.

6. Advisor (3%):

Advisors provide guidance, connections, and industry expertise. Allocating tokens to advisors compensates them for their contributions to the project's success.

7. Exchange (12%):

: These tokens are reserved for listing the project's token on exchanges. This allocation ensures that the token is accessible and tradable on various platforms.

8. Hommies Reserve (10%):

This reserve is set aside for future use, like development, partnerships, emergencies, or any unforeseen situations. It provides flexibility for the project's ongoing success.

9. Liquidity Pool Coin:

To ensure liquidity on decentralized exchanges, a portion of the total supply (20%) is dedicated to a Liquidity Pool Coin.This approach promotes smooth trading and mitigates price volatility.

10. Token Burning from Liquidity Pool:

i. Scarcity

Token burning reduces the token supply, making each remaining token more scarce and potentially increasing its value.

ii. Community Incentives

Token burning can incentivize community members to provide liquidity to the pool, as they benefit from the increased value of their remaining tokens.

iii. Value Appreciation

As the supply decreases, assuming demand remains constant or increases, the value of each token may appreciate.

iv. Economic Efficiency

Token burning can be a cost-effective way to manage token supply, as it leverages the trading fees generated from actual usage of the platform.

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